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Pembentangan Fomema Kedua kepada UKAS Kementerian Kewangan 9 Julai 2019 2.jpeg


Koperasi Doktor Klinik Swasta Bhd (KDKS) was established in 2019 for the purpose of realizing the economic, culture, and social needs of our members.

Until 30th April 2023, we have about 51 members from Private Medical Doctors with total share of RM 163,800 subscribed.

For Year End April 2022, we have given 6% dividen pay out to our member.

In year 2024, we plan to do business as follow:


Members from private medical doctors

RM 163,800 

Total Share


Dividen Pay out to our member

If you’d like to invest with us, get in now.

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