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Become a Seller on KDKS Platform

Welcome to the KDKS Marketplace!

Are you ready to showcase your products to a wider audience? Join our platform as a seller and tap into a thriving community of buyers. We offer two levels of seller memberships tailored to meet your needs.

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Level 1: Public Seller

Who Can Join?

​Join us today! Anyone can create an account using a valid email address and phone number.

What Can You Sell?

​Our platform allows you to sell a wide range of items, excluding prescription drugs.

How to Get Started?

To begin, register with your email and phone number. After accepting our terms and conditions, start listing your items and connecting with customers.

Benefits of Level 1:

Enjoy the benefits of Level 1 membership, including a quick and simple registration process, access to a diverse customer base, and an intuitive interface for managing your listings.


Level 2: KDKS Member Seller

Who Can Join?

Our platform is open exclusively to registered doctors holding a valid medical license and KDKS membership.

What Can You Sell?

Doctors can sell a wide range of items, including prescription drugs, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

How to Get Started?

To begin, register by providing proof of your KDKS membership and medical license. Once verified, log in to access your seller dashboard on our website. From there, you can start listing both regular items and prescription drugs, ensuring all necessary legal information is included.

Benefits of Level 2:

Level 2 membership offers exclusive benefits such as legal authorization to sell prescription drugs, opportunities to network with other healthcare professionals, and access to advanced tools for managing listings and orders.

Why Sell on KDKS?

Wide Audience Reach: Connect with a diverse and active buyer community.

Easy Management: Use our intuitive dashboard to manage your listings and orders.

Secure Platform: Trust in our secure systems to handle your transactions and sensitive information.

Ready to Join?

Choose your seller level and start your selling journey with KDKS today!

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