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Board Member Meeting

Board Member Meeting

2nd Board Member Meeting on 28 July, 2019

FOMEMA Presentation

FOMEMA Presentation

2nd FOMEMA Presentation to UKAS Ministry of Finance on 9 July 2019

General Meeting

General Meeting

First KDKSB General Meeting on 9 February 2019





Mesyuarat Agung Permulaan 9 Februari 201

KDKS Berhad was successfully registered under the Cooperative Act on April 24, 2019. It was initiated by Dato' Dr. Zulkapferi bin Haji Hanafi and Dr. Abdol Rashid Masrom. KDKS was established as a response to the monopoly of foreign worker's medical examination by FOMEMA and Koperasi Doktor Malaysia who held 41% of shares. It was also incorporated to be the leading force in the development of the private medical doctor's economy in Malaysia. KDKS Projects will enable private medical doctors to dominate the market and provide huge returns to its investors who are entirely medical doctors. 



KDKS Berhad's vision is to be a leading Medical Co-operative Society in Malaysia, maintaining high integrity and best performance record in our services and products to members and the communities.


In accordance with subsection 4 (1) of the MALAYSIA CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES COMMISSION ACT 2007, the aim of the Co-operative Party is to enhance the economic interests of its members in accordance with the principles of co-operation.

For the purpose of pursuant to clause (1), the Cooperative may obtain

(a) capital by collecting shares, fees, deposits, loans or special savings from members; and

(b) deposits or loans from non-members with the approval of the Commission pursuant to paragraph 50


(e), subsection 52 (2) and section 52A of the Act and the Regulations.

The Team

Mesyuarat Agung Permulaan 9 Februari 201

The core team consists of the Chairman (Dr.Abdol Rashid Masrom), the secretary (Dr. Aniza Heidi Binti Dato' Dr. Mat Saat) and the treasurer (Dr Najihah binti Ahmad) who has been sentimental and actively leading KDKS Projects. The core team is supported by 12 Corporative Board members who are key in sharing ideas, decision making and assisting in execution of projects. They are also responsible in active recruitment of new members and lend assistance where applicable.


Our mission is to;


(a) carry out marketing and business activities for the benefit of its members;

(b) conduct educational and ICT activities in the interest of members and private medical doctors;

(c) involved in the examination of the health of foreign workers;

(d) supply of medicines and medical equipment to private clinics and hospitals

(e) provide lending services to members for the purposes of private clinic / hospital business and any related business;

(f) buying, selling, transferring title, erecting, renting, guaranteeing, leasing, mortgaging and owning movable and immovable property;

(g) invest excess money in matters permitted under section 54 of the Act;

(h) establish a subsidiary pursuant to section 19 of the Act with the approval of the Commission;

(i) join the joint venture and become a member of other cooperatives; and

(j) provide welfare activities beneficial to members and private medical practitioners with the approval of the general meeting of representatives.

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Our Address

B-3-21, Pelangi Square Damansara,

PJU 6, Persiaran Surian,

47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM

Saturday    9AM – 2PM


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